terms and conditions

Order and Delivery

Customers are requested to place their order, through the app before 4 PM, the previous day for their required delivery. This gives us a timespan of 12-15 hours to process the freshest of ingredients and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Delivery days and times will be as specified on the delivery schedule page on the Adya mobile app and will be made to the address specified upon registration.

At Adya, we also believe in the policy of maximum benefit for all sections of customers. So with product availability subject to existing market conditions, we may limit the quantities of goods supplied to any one customer if in our opinion the quantity ordered limits the availability for other customers. In the event of non-availability of any goods you order, we may offer a reasonable substitute. This may affect the price you pay. You may reject any substitute item and we will refund the amount you have been charged for that substitute. It is our policy to identify any substitute items to you at the time of delivery and give you the opportunity to accept or reject the item at that time.

Moreover, we at Adya ensure that special care is taken to ensure a hassle free delivery in the shortest timespan. In light of the same, customers are requested to ensure that an appropriate person is available at the delivery address during the delivery slot. In case of unavailability of the buyer at the address when the delivery is attempted, the goods will be retained by us. We will leave notification of delivery and will telephone to attempt to rearrange the delivery.

Please note: In circumstances of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances outside of our reasonable control, there may be an occasional delay or cancellation of delivery. In such cases, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as we are able to in order to reschedule your delivery time and date. Should there be a non availability of the buyer during the rescheduled delivery, Adya is entitled to charge you the full amount equal to the price of perishable items contained in your order and the cost of delivery.


Adya offers multiple methods of payment. The stipulated amount can be paid online or offline through CODs, directly to the delivery executive assigned after completion of the order. In case of time-based subscriptions, after each successful order your wallet balance will be deducted. When your balance is insufficient, you will also receive sms and email alerts from our system or expect to receive a call from our executive.

Please note: Wallet balance is deducted after the order creation not after the delivery.

End Note

At Adya, customer feedback is taken very seriously and used constantly to improve our products and quality of service. We therefore request our customers to write to you their queries valuable feedback through